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By continuing to use this website you agree to the terms and conditions described in our Privacy Policy. I then decided to try to print using NFC. These are remnants of old entries for the permissions file, not the rules file. As another alternative USB users can also try the following runscript. You can check if your scanner is already present in that list by issuing the following command:.

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Write them down as they are needed in the configuration process later on. Because of the proprietary nature, and the controlling and censorship that Apple maintains it is strongly recommended to zamsung own one of these devices. NET are designed to be platform independent.

Gentoo warning after GitHub hack

Individual Platform Layer Adoptions We are currently working on other platform adoptions. Make sure you have USB support in your kernel. There was some error while connecting to this device. Despite these hiccups, printing via NFC is still handy.

Samsjng are still actively working on the spam issue, the wiki may be restored to an earlier date and account genroo may be disabled. The solution was to read the backend man page man sane-pixmanoting the website http: About Fitzcarraldo A Linux user with an interest in all things technical. The print dialogue in Linux applications gives you the option to print only odd-numbered pages or only even-numbered pages, so there is no problem.


You can look here for some from [2].

Gentoo warning after GitHub hack – Computerworld

Get a tablet with laptop hardware specifications. I was able to use the two Linux scanning applications I normally use, XSane and gscan2pdf, to scan via the wired network and via Wi-Fi Direct. If the directory permissions are wrong, only root will be genttoo to use the scanner.

There is no binary compatibility on Linux. Beware if you care about software freedom because the Nexus 9 is tied to Google obviously.

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Using a Samsung Xpress C460FW with Gentoo Linux and Android KitKat for printing and scanning

Click on a category in samsubg header to view only the articles in that category. When xsane works successfully under root and not as user, it normally means that you have a permissions problem.

Due to asmsung lack of decent installation instructions, I have decided to write a short but complete how-to on installing a USB scanner in Gentoo for kernel 2. These platforms must be compiled from source. They will cause you nothing but harm.


Contents 1 Introduction 2 Kernel options 3 Collecting Information 3. To check if your scanner is among those you should run scanimage -L and unjfied something like this:.

Gentoo Wiki Archives – HOWTO_Install_a_USB_scanner

If you have hard time finding the. The ease with which Sxmsung got it printing and scanning in Gentoo Linux laptop and Android KitKat Samsung Galaxy Note 4 means that I would definitely consider purchasing this model for home use.

If scanimage doesn’t find anything, than either you don’t have the correct sane-backend installed, or the backend installed doesn’t support your scanner.

Fitzcarraldo is my nom de plume in the Gentoo Linux and Sabayon Linux forums. For a SCSI scanner, the rule can probably be simpler.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Everything else about it is poorfaggotry however.

In other words, the procedure is exactly the same as when wanting to print via NFC. Bus Device