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I haven’t actually loaded the drivers nor the beta ASIO drivers yet. How many input jacks are on the front panels? I can’t say the same about some of the other units I looked at. It’s the sounds they made Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Which brings us to sound quality. You might, might, might be able to buy some usb device, but it’ll be ASIO and you’ll become frustrated with latency.

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It will keep you busy for a long time to come. One can never have too many Noyz Toyz. Users browsing this forum: No V-switch sensitivity adjustment source: Latency is all but non-existant 5. My guess is that the default settings should work to start with.

Most people don’t have the gear to even try it. I had to dig into the manual to find out about the mic input, and that is phantom powered and always onso this guy needs all connections made before the power switch is ever thrown.

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This is a great tool when using the JVM in the high gain settings. But I’m not sure I’ll have to Are they recognized when you plug in? Forums Posts Latest Posts. So fingers crossed – but looking like a worthy investment.


Would I replace it if it were stolen? Unfortunately, it probably isn’t found on motherboards built before early I have been messing with the RP since the last post, but pulled out the GNX last night and began to run it through the ringer. Way clear is what he says.

DigiTech GNX3000 Drivers

Tonight was my 1st attempt. Will i also be able to hear the output if the gnx while im recording? Questionable audio quality by today’s standards.

It’s specs are online. As many patches internally generate stereo, this seemed the easiest way to capture both and the volume knob on the unit is handy.

I also have a Boss ME80 which is far more complicatd to set up nice sounds and i still use the digitech when playing live.

Noise isn’t a problem as long as you use the Noise gate within the processor. I’ve been playing for nearly gnx000 32 years and out of that I spent ’84 thru ’90 playing live and have just recently returned to playing live again.


Digitech GNX4

Or worth just getting the wallet out to newer tech? I also have a tascam us gnx30000 do u think i can get around the problems u listed if i run the gnx into the interface? Not something I’ve spent any time on.

Won’t work in Win 7 either, without the type of motherboard I mentioned before. Congrats on the nice investment.

It would appear I’ve come across a classic rather than yestertech. How many input jacks are on the rear panels.

I was keen on the looping I know new one’s didn’t come with the CF card required for recording. An on-board fnx3000 card and Y-adapter will limit your sound quality. Thankfully you can tune the amp settings for the filter cutoffs and knees using the X-Edit 2.

Either it crashed my system or the latency with my gnx was not acceptable.