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Golfsmith Xpc titanium offset 9 degree driver. People like the next new toy and many are willing to buy it — not out of some mystical improvement anymore than that new iPhone is going to fix your organizational issues. It honestly is not a concern, and why should it be? Golfsmith cc titanium driver that was never hit. Additionally, the compensation model you cite is definitely not accurate but even if it was I would highly suspect that the overwhelming majority I like this phrase of consumers would be unwilling to pay for a service level comparable to one of the premier entities I mentioned.

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Judging by the number of comments firce the passion that comes across in some of the comments, it appears that people still care about golf.

Enterprise name was a cinch there were much bigger challenges getting U. Samples of three brands are shown below: You apparently worked at a GS Speial never was privileged to walk into.

Golfsmith Driver Golf Clubs for sale | eBay

We had worked on developing a novelty driver as a prop for custom club makers but the prop turned into a hittable product and Golfsmith sold more of these heads than they originally forecasted. I worked at a golf retailer in Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what’s real and what’s not, and that means MyGolfSpy’s equipment coverage golfsnith extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them.


People must have had some shitty experiences elsewhere I guess. If it was your break or end of shift, at least direct me to someone else. Went recently to have a new shaft installed on my driver- guy at the service desk said that he did not have any shafts in stock, and did not know when they were coming in, or what shafts they were receiving. Straight facts ignored by most news reports.

PGA Superstore is still alive though. Odyssey Golf- White Hot Pro 2. Where many of the major OEMs are unable to take risks with this products the Golfsmith components were the risk takers within the organization.

No extra shipping cost for Golf Shaft purchases.

LPGA Joins Forces with Golfsmith

Robert Young 2 years ago. Club is in nice condition. Once again, one data point. Bobby Underwood-Vansweden 2 years ago.

Reports: Dick’s acquires Golfsmith in auction

The Aldila graphite HM shaft is near flawless. In my opinion they do not care about the golfers golfsmifh come into their stores. Why do I need to login to see this item? Michael Hazard 2 years ago.


I too was a Golfsmith part time employee and was classified as a Master Fitter. Let me reiterate — they are where they are for focre reason….

The Dicks in Brandon, FL is awesome and the guys in the golf department are solid individuals and golfers to boot. The 2 iron in the set measures 40″ long. Not necessarily the right formula for sales success. The golf industry has been on a tail spin for months! The concept for the G40 iron took me less than five minutes to develop. What that means is less access to golf stores in general, especially in my area around Boston.

We take actual images of the item you are buying!


To a person, every single fitter and sales associate that I met cared a hell of a lot about golf and the customers walking in the door. MyGolf Spy 2 years ago. Golfsmith cc titanium driver that was never hit.