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USB hub found Nov 24 Warren Butler grumpymole on Upgraded the kernel from 2. This bug affects 8 people. I found a temporary solution by removing gspca modules from the memory and then installing them again by:.

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Cerbaiola gianni-omniway wrote on Maybe this all has something to do with the strange message “gspca: Unsupported series, setting status to “Won’t Fix”. At each connect I get this message: I can not get the cam working with any of the app, cheese or skype.

I am running Intrepid amd64 and plug in an Intel webcam, documented to be support by the gspca driver. This change has been made by an automated script, maintained by the Ubuntu Kernel Team.

An icon is also cqmera on the desktop – I guess it’s for the photo- and not for the webcam-function.

Gspca/Spca5xx, Spca5xx-LE WebCams Driver

Mustek gSmart is basically a webcam that was made to look as a digital camera, has a very small inbuilt memory enough for taking pictures of x Please don’t forget that Mustek gSmart is basically a webcam with a very low sensor resolution. When the webcam is pluged-in it shows almost the same behavior as described in bug report Mustek gSmart not working in Ubuntu 8. After plugging camera i got the following from “dmesg”: It originally began as a driver project to support webcams based upon the Sunplus spca50x chipset.


I have a similar problem with a Logitech ClickSmart camera, supported by gspca spcawhich used to work without problems in Hardy. I will try the unloading and then reloading modules trick described in No such file or directory no video grabber device available.

After seeing the ‘gspca: Andrey Beljakov andvalb wrote on The device appears to be properly detected and the gspca driver loaded.

Documentation/video4linux/ – kernel/common – Git at Google

We can see this from dmesg I’ll be happy to provide any further information. Petar Velkovski pvelkovski wrote on Tom Byrne inverted-sheep wrote on If I try to mount the unmounted twin, the applet crashes and must be reloaded.

Keyboard Bus Device The new “gspca” driver name, while arguably still illuminating of its development heritage “spca”was now meant to stand for “Generic Software Package for Camera Adapters”, which more truly reflected the purpose into which it had evolved.

To post a comment you must log in. I’m also seeing a great number of these types of errors in dmesg after ca,era camera is active:. No such file or directory v4l: GSPCA webcam no longer working: Jonathan Blackhall johnny-one-eye wrote on You should then be able to test via a LiveCD.


Alpha5 is set to be released Thursday Camra 4. This is also my problem, running Ubuntu 8. However, it cannot be accessed by any applications.

After about its v0. Brad Figg brad-figg wrote on