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Compare Hurricane Kick for another exaggerated version of a martial art move. Armor King’s Steiner Screwdriver is a mild and RL-performable variant where it starts with a suplex, then rotates the victim while vertical and drops. He finally uses all that momentum to leap up into a flying piledriver though there’s no spinning in the air. Morrigan of Darkstalkers , Vector Drain surprisingly. This brutal attack will wipe out almost all of an opponent’s health and in the demo theatre, poor Ann is the victim of this special combo. Same with Demitri, whose command throw is an Izuna Drop.

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Can be done in the Spider-Man 2 video game.

Zangief in Street Fighter IIwho has it as a special throw command. This attack serves as the finishing move against Yuda. A flying jump kick used by Amibaa Nanto Seiken drop-out.

Spinning Piledriver

He then raises his arm with his middle and forefinger raised. A leaping, spinning attack that has Zaki briefly mimic the form of a flying bird before she slices her targets into perfect pieces.

Can also be performed in midair. This move is somewhat possible in real life.


Nanto Suicho Ken

Simply put, all four players have to attack a stunned enemy at the spibning time. Xpinning enemies inside the hurricane are ripped to shreds. Arc Systems video game original technique. It’s called, you guessed it, “Izuna Drop. A leaping, spinning attack that has Rei briefly mimic the form of a flying bird before he slices his targets into perfect pieces.

Leo from Red Earth has a spinning piledriver known as Gaia Driver. As she lands, her hands slices horizontally to his front. For a moment, it seems nothing has happened, and then the ball creates a small hurricane.

As he lands, his hands slices horizontally to the front, hokkuto through the opponent’s shoulders. Valentine from Skullgirls performs an Izuna Drop using a body bag to immobilize her opponent first. In Dragon Ball Z: He can smack someone over the head to turn them around and give them 4 flipping German Supplexes in a row.

He learned the move by watching birds fight and in particular how one bird dove into another bird, bearing it to the ground. If nothing else, that guy’s going to get really dizzy. You need to login to do this.

That jetpack she’s wearing probably helps. He sets it up by uppercutting the enemy in the air, and then teleporting into them for the spinning piledriver. It can be done against wheels and tengu, at the very least.


That one word makes one hell of a lot of difference. Get Known if you don’t have an account. In Kensei Sacred Fistprofessional wrestler David sorta has one.

An essential part of the repertoire for the Wrestler in All of Us. For his appearance in KOF: Maximum Impact 2 see pilediverHanzo has your typical Izuna Drop which can set the opponent on fire as both a special move and DM. This attack slices the victim apart if they move within three seconds.

I Wanna Be the Guy / Funny – TV Tropes

Galford’s version can be done either while dashing, or by his dog. It is officially unknown whether this technique is from the Nanto Seiken school or from a style that Amiba copied. Rei used this technique to injure Yuda’s face.