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I wouldn’t buy anything that’s an all-in-one package and expect to keep my back straight. There’s no other force-feedback HOTAS out there that I know of, and the G itself had some pretty crippling issues from what I’ve read, particularly the axis reversal problem. Mors View Profile View Posts. Results 1 to 15 of No other company can make force feedback sticks as a result.

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CH Products are nice on the Rift as all the controllers within reach of your finger on fredback devices. Ordering a pc, hmd, hotas and a chair all to start all over again on the pc side of ED.

Does anyone currently make a force-feedback HOTAS stick?

Force Feedback sticks were patented by some company back in the early ‘s who went out of business but refuse to let go of the patent. Switches or buttons that can be applied to certain plane functions. Now being 46, i find someting really disturbing: Preferably, there should also be a dedicated button to change ammunition type.

Last edited by JDarksword ; Nov 11, 9: I use feedback in conjunction with an x52 and saitek pedals. When you trim the helicopter rotors, the stick should take the position of the last trimmed position. Basically, anything that requires constant fine-tuning with your joystick movements and even requires you to hold the stick off-center to fly straight without constant trimming isn’t geedback suited to a force-sensing stick. The only hotae was the mess the designers did with the throttle and a short cable conecting to the integrate circuit, most people had to repair the problem themselves.


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The newer ones might be better built, I haven’t had one since back then. Hiten View Profile View Posts. I’ve not heard anyone regret that purchase.

I’ll let you know what I end up going with. They’ve had a long-running relationship with Saitek. I still have some cleaning to do to make room for the cockpit but I’m leaning towards one of the more expensive Force Sensing sticks at this point. Even FF flightsticks fewdback hard to find these days. D without any hand fatigue. So just my 2c worth, I think force feedback on a joystick is not something I would personally want.

Have no gradations of force to be applied to a joystick.

Such thing as HOTAS force feedback flight sticks? : oculus

That pretty much killed the G All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. A working force feedback function.

Stick feel is shitty and centering is atrocious. Physical movement along only one axis still brings a bit of logical axis movement feedbackk the other as a result. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Since you’re using it for space “sims” and MechWarrior without any regard to conventional air combat, I’d definitely recommend giving a force-sensing stick a chance.


It’s such a shame they chose to get involved with the worst peripheral manufacturer possible. It’s no real loss. Today I see the market saturated with “controllers”, which I understand those come in handy for a lot of games, but some forcee, Joysticks are the choice. Not exactly, as when a game doesn’t have hltas you still have the stick tension through the motors, which I find to be the smoothest and most precise motion on the many sticks I have tried, hence jotas I like them so much.

Thankfully i only get a twitch occasionally in the pedals due to wiring. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

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