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There is a problem with that link. It’s the version for windows vista If you do that and run it, it will complain saying this version is meant for Vista only and will not let you continue. After doing some research online, I found out that it was the Logitech Webcam software that messed up this. If you do that, then it will install okay but running it brings back the error “Eacfilt must be enabled on the active interface Type the command interface and wait for prompt 4.

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It worked for me. Can be reenabled once again after disconnecting from the VPN. The BBF file encompasses all available upgrade files.

I’m very happy to be here and that’s why I say everything happens for a reason –

I don’t think so. I read all the threads here and it did not solve my issue. Tuesday, April 17, 8: Compatibility with legacy radios is maintained as firmware update files in the CVN format can still be used. Posted on December 7, with 1 Comment. I guess Ddo have difference VPN client, please make sure you are using the one which support Vista.


Nortel don’t support Windows Client? CVN file format used to upgrade the radio firmware.

Did you check their forum for any compatibility issue? This will help reduce unnecessary traffic sent to the radio by the PC.

The error message I received was: I found the below that did work. Once bijd pending changes have been written to the radio, the reference count will decrement. Eacfilt driver must be enabled on interface s: Click on Properties 5. Cycle power on the control head and immediately hold down the following keys Orange Button Emergency and the left-most menu button.

Program the radio use standard cable. If this problem is encountered, restarting the DP Service will allow the job to be completed.

APX Portable and Mobile CPS R14.01.00

Additional licenses need to be purchased for more radios to be supported. But, this issue can be resolved easily. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The FCC requires that a radio is authorized to operate within the specified bandwidth and that the user is required to have a FCC license to operate in that mode. Sunday, May 27, The exception to Rule Part 90 narrowbanding requirements are for radios operating only within MHz frequencies T-Bandwhich will continue to support 25 kHz channel bandwidth functionality.


Wait until the radio enumerates on the PC before attempting to read or program the radio seconds on Window 7. When prompted to re-start the machine during the installation process, please do so before proceeding with the install.

Remove From My Forums. If you do that, then it will install okay but running it brings back the error “Eacfilt must be enabled on the active interface Ensure that any such a setting is disabled, so that the wireless connection stays active even when a wired link is present.

A Flash Upgrade with the existing radio configuration will need to be completed using the standard cable.

Wednesday, November 21, 5: If I b try to load the Nortel client while the Axim is docked, I get the same message, and the client never loads. Monday, July 16, 3: