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Given my D2 and D3 at 9. Based on your fitting and going upright on both clubs I would assume you fight the miss right. If you have a Titleist driver it would be well worth experimenting with the settings to find the best one for you. For best results, see an authorised Titleist Fitter. So my league partner and I are headed to the heated driving range. Remove weight from the driver’s head.

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Rotate the wrench counterclockwise until end cap is loose and can be removed by hand. Sign in Already have an account? Posted by Padraig Dooley at Have settled on D1 and amazing what gow slight adjustment can make.

We took a Titleist D3 driver with 8. While the is mostly an evolution of the 91x series, the s bring a good number of new features as well.

Titleist settings | Golf Monthly

Posted February 26, The SureFit hosel achieves about 2. Titleist must not want to mess much with what they feel is near perfection. In this day and age the technology is going to be there in any driver you choose — especially a driver from Titleist.


The other change you will see at address is the shorter and smaller SureFit Tour hosel that enables the loft and lie of the club to be adjusted to suit your game.

Comments and questions are appreciated. Do this and you will be rewarded with great shots from one of the best hybrids around in the market 9113 golfers from the low teens downwards. Performance Fitting Guides Start in the standard position: The crown features the traditional since the earlys if not earlier Triangle-Line alignment aid.

Titleist 913 settings

Register a new account. The sees the continued inclusion of the SureFit system, which allows the golfer alter the loft and face angle of the club. Conditions were cool enough around 13 degrees with a breeze of mph against. FSG golf 4 Member Joined: The results of the test are below.

Titleist H Hybrid Review – Golfalot

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Arrows will help determine what side goes in first for desired result. For complete rules information visit, www. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy.

As you move out from the center the face becomes thinner and tapered so that it matches up with qdjust body thickness at the face perimeter. Posted July 17, Additionally, a golfer could conceivably buy a SureFit Tour hosel shaft and easily create a system with not only 16 positions, but two or three interchangeable driver shafts, depending on conditions, how they were feeling that day, or more.


In my own testing, I gravitated towards the more traditional pear-shaped D3. Share this with your golf buddies: Alex Tour Winner May 1, The sleeve settings are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and the ring settings are lettered A, B, C, D. It becomes a matter of attitude by way of looks. What would you recommend? How was the stock shaft?

I approve of the more sinister looks, and have trouble tigleist doing more to the drivers. If the screw feels like it is binding, stop and realign components. How did they compare?