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For certain events affecting the underlying shares, such as stock splits or extraordinary dividends, the calculation agent may make adjustments to the amount payable at maturity. The contingent monthly payment, if any, will be payable monthly on the contingent payment date which is the third business day after the related determination date or the maturity date, as applicable. The price of the underlying shares can rise or fall sharply due to factors specific to that underlying shares and its issuer, such as stock price volatility, earnings, financial conditions, corporate, industry and regulatory developments, management changes and decisions and other events, as well as general market factors, such as general stock market volatility and levels, interest rates and economic and political conditions. This discussion applies only to initial investors in the securities who: Upon a sale, exchange, early redemption or settlement of the securities at maturity, a U. The following diagrams illustrate the potential outcomes for the securities depending on 1 the determination closing price and 2 the final share price. Due to the absence of authorities that directly address the proper tax treatment of the securities, no assurance can be given that the IRS will accept, or that a court will uphold, the tax treatment described above.

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If the securities have not previously been redeemed and the final share price is greater than or equal to the downside threshold level, the payment at maturity will also be the sum of the stated principal amount and the contingent monthly payment with respect to the final determination date.

Therefore, there may be little or no secondary market for the securities.

Holder may recognize upon the sale, exchange, early redemption or maturity of the securities should be treated as ordinary gain or loss. Such holders should consult their tax advisors regarding the U. In particular, the IRS could seek to treat a security as a single debt instrument.


While it is not clear whether instruments such as the securities would be viewed as similar to the prepaid forward contracts described in the notice, any U. Neither the issuer nor any of its affiliates makes any representation to you as to the performance of the underlying shares.

Sample Order Free samples. The prospectus supplement dated March 5, at: Even if the market price of the underlying shares appreciates prior to an applicable determination date but then drops on that day to a price that is below the downside threshold level, the contingent monthly payment on the securities will not be paid.

While it is not clear whether the securities would be viewed as similar to the prepaid forward contracts described in the notice, it is possible that any U.

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Once confirmed the problem, we will send you free new goods together with your next order. Events of default and acceleration:. This internal funding rate is typically lower than the rate we would use hvv-4416 we issue conventional fixed or floating rate debt securities. Upon a sale, exchange, early redemption or settlement of the securities at maturity, a U.

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Accordingly, the return on the securities may be significantly less than the return on a direct investment in the underlying shares during the term of the securities.

We obtained the information in the table below from Bloomberg Financial Yv-4416, without independent verification. Hg-4416 has filed a registration statement including a prospectus, a prospectus supplement and a Stock-Linked Underlying Supplement with the SEC for the offering to which this free writing prospectus relates.


However, the calculation agent is not required to make an adjustment for every corporate action which affects the shares of the underlying shares. This free writing prospectus relates to an offering of securities linked to the underlying shares.

The market price will be influenced by many unpredictable factors.

Holder, unless such U. The securities are not insured by any governmental agency of the United States or any other jurisdiction. Free Client Software H. Furthermore, we cannot give any assurance that all events occurring prior to the date hereof including events that would affect the accuracy or completeness of the publicly dvf documents described in the preceding paragraph that would affect the trading price of the dvf shares and therefore the price of the underlying shares at the time we price the securities have been publicly disclosed.

November Page 2. There is limited anti-dilution protection.

Holder will be allowed as a credit against the Non-U. In Example 3the closing price of the underlying shares remains below the downside threshold level on every determination date. You should read this document together with the related Stock-Linked Underlying Supplement, prospectus supplement and prospectus, each of which can be accessed via the hyperlinks below.

If the issuer of the underlying shares were so treated, certain adverse U. Because the determination closing price is greater than or equal to the initial share price on 1 of the first 5 determination dates, the securities are automatically redeemed following the relevant determination date.