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Would love to hear your opinions. This allows for really finite shaping so you can develop a Screamer tone that matches your rig perfectly. The store would not exchange it so I sent it back to the manufacturer for repair. Is it redundant to have both or are their strengths in two different areas? I mostly play blues and a little southern rock.

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You should hear a more open drive sound, with less pickup loading thanks to the JFET input buffer.

Tubescreamer or Blues Driver Any major differences? – Ultimate Guitar

I like the blues driver but not for heavy crunch that just breaking touch sensitive feel I also use it as a headphone amp at night works great! Yes, my password is: Published Apr 24, at Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. Our last pick ibandz where we began this journey: I have many times Of course I just had a Friedman BE-OD pedal arrive at my house yesterday so someone is getting evicted from my pedal board.

I’ve heard a BD with the mod to it and it sounds alright. Naturally, you get knobs for Volume, Tone, and Drive. The TS of t808 has the whole cool midrange thing with the low end chopped off but that doesn’t always fit the bill. Has an edgier, more aggressive sound to it for whereas the TS is a little smoother the whole asymmetrical clipping vs the TS’s symmetrical clipping thing. Tz808 biggest feature of it was the massive ‘noise’ it put into my screame.


Mostly,for me anyway,the TS-9 I’m talking about the early ’80’s model,have no experience with newer is used as a boost. I got valuable knowledge. The BD2 does a nice mild Fendery overdrive, while the TS is great for giving strats a real shot in the arm. The switch in the middle allows you to customize the clipping; Big is more open, higher gain, more touch-sensitive, and Smooth is more compressed and closer to the original circuit. The last of these dials in the ecreamer and treble at the same time.

I think you’ll like it a whole lot. Controls are, as you might expect, Gain, Level, and Tone. I would run the BD before the TS. This allows for really finite shaping so you can develop a Screamer tone that matches your rig perfectly.

blues driver vs. tube screamer

Sep 5, 9. Love the mid-pushed, lightly distorted sound of the Tube Screamer but want something more?

The BD-2 has a lot more dirt available, and more clean boost too if I’m not mistaken. I’ve tired them in the store, but that’s like night and day. For one thing, whether you go for the higher-end Waza version or the standard offeringthe Blues Driver is a pedalboard staple.


Standard is the original Obanez, while Custom adds a fuller-range sound and a touch more gain.

Boss Blues driver Vs. Ibanez tube screamer. – Ultimate Guitar

I love ’em and get tons of compliments on my tone during shows. The TS-9 has a smoother sounding overdrive, and more of a mid range boost to my ears than the blues driver does. Mark WeinSep 9, Search Media New Media.

Start with using the BD2 as a crunchy rhythm sound with the gain somewhere around vx, level around unity, and then run the TS9 after it with a little more gain than that and the level past unity for your lead sound.

As ever, use your ears to decide. I was genuinely astonished at the tones I easily dialed out of the K BD The history of the Ibanez Tube Screamer — which we naturally included on our best overdrive pedals post — is not quite as twisting as that of the Big Muff, but has its fair share of intrigue.

My BD2 ts8808 the original Keeley mods no phat switch and I like it with the gain up around o’clock for a nice nasty Marshall like tone utbe my