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Therefore a 12×18 image or an 8. Rollers for the more commonly used trays have been replaced multiple times. RickAB , Jun 21, Km km ikon cpp cpp KonicaLeeds , Jul 2, , in forum: We just can’t go on with the intermittant functioning and lousy print quality of the C Typically it is the copier paper that jams – and by jams I mean either the paper really does jam or it just doesn’t pass through for some reason.

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Each morning when you take machine out of standby mode, do an execute adjust operation from the adjustment menu, select all 4 items and return out of the menu, machine will totally calibrate.

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What are the good and bad points compared to canon or xerox machines? If your interested in Ikon and it’s products spend ikln day at a used car lot and if your really interested purchase a vehicle, it’s about the same thing. No, create an account now.

HalftoneOct 22, Heat, humidity and PMS cause the colors to shift. Rebadged boxes have different firmware and so are often behind on field updates, for one.


I appreciate any help or sympathy.

Ikon CPP 500 review?

Do not rely on the duplexer to do this precisely. Buying Format see all.

Print quality strengths and weaknesses? We now order every other day and it seems to get past the system, but who has that kind of time. I’m sure they’ll want to convert us all to ricoh machines in time, but if they don’t keep us happy with the machines currently being sold that won’t happen and they’ll lose us to xerox, KM direct, etc. Sorry for the rambling but I’ve been thru hell with this machine and if my experience can help someone else avoid a mistake, I’ll ramble a little!

We do use the for print-for-pay production. The machine, aside from the four hours it worked today, has been down since Friday five days?! PMs usually include drums, coronas, developers and basic vacuum cleaning.

The second HCD or tray 4 is doing the same thing, although to a lesser degree. Modified Item see all. I would think long and hard before buying a Konica product. Thanks again so much for your time. See my positive feedback. This can be installed on the 4 series Bizhub machines and the “E” versions. The time it takes for them to receive the parts and actually service the machine can take days.


Our agreement clearly states 1 click per image. I have the complete field service manual and parts listing for the We have techs in our shop nearly every day and it doesn’t look good at all to my customers.

The toner bottles are very small and the Ikon supply team steadfastly keeps you on a 2 bottle limit per order unless you can coerce your sales rep by dropping the Canon name. Ikon CPP review?

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Copy DoctorMar 5, We have had continuous problems to the point that we are now buying a new Xerox despite that we don’t really have the sales numbers to justify it yet. Personal pickup or clp arranged pickup of the stand is also acceptable. They are only being paid the signed contract amount.

I was just billed forclicks instead of theI was expecting and budgeting. Mainikon cpp driver – Sitemap. Since it rarely works for more than a week at a time 5550 that!