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I had turned off call waiting on the Innomedia. The time now is RJ port Para two: Should we change the password to make sure SR can not change it? Who is your Broadband Service Provider?

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Thanks in advance -Anil. I forgot to turn off popup blocker I tried to go to the http: Reason for needing FW update?

Connection Lost after inactivity / after sometime

Last edited by Ookla; 15th July at My box it work right away after i put all information i got from viatalk, hope it help some people can wake their dead box to live again. This blog also contains instructions on unlocking and reconfiguring your Gizmo for use on other VoIP providers, now that SunRocket has shut down. No idea how to find the password but if anyone has the ‘new’ one or how to crack it, I would appreciate it.


Open new browser and type http: Who is your Broadband Service Provider?

Don’t connect to internet jet if you don’t want to start a whole process again. Honestly, I don’t remember what I did to provision Net2phone.

MTABe2S | InnoMedia

Some people may find the old password useful as well. Should we change the password to make sure SR can not change it?

Last edited by priyamaalini; 15th July at Since you seem to have switched successfully to Phone Power, any ideas why I am not able to go to http: Last edited by essbebe; 24th December at Anyone have the new password? Add Thread to del. Posted by dmolavi at 3: Support GizmoPasswords Support our site I had turned off call waiting on the Innomedia.

Open a browser and type Correct me if you found something wrong in my blog,thanks and good luck to all. Hi Try this for innomedia User ID: Originally Posted by priyamaalini.

RJ port Para two: How do you connect the data cable from Innomedia to computer? Can someone help me, plz I reset the innomedia, unplugged, washed, took out to dinner, and nothing worked.


As per my knowledge this has 2 variants one used for VoIP and another for network.

Need another modem like UTR2U to use it. Not only did they turn it on again, they “changed the locks” so that we can’t apply for ourselves the insanely simple, basic and crucial feature disabling call waiting that SR should have directly supported from the start, as their competitors do Packet8, Voicepulse, and every real phone company on the planet.

Results 1 to 17 of Originally Posted by essbebe. Open a browser window to http: Please help me out if possible.