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Squeeze the latch on the top left of the rear cover to release the cover, then open the rear cover by pulling down on the top of the cover. If the problem reoccurs, Front Cover Provides access to the interior of the printer. The toner cartridge will eventually run out of ink through normal use. The tray holds 50 to envelopes or postcards, depending on the type of media. Replacing the Printer Side Cover Insert the top part of the left side cover into the printer.

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If the jam occurred while feeding from Tray 2 or 3, remove the paper tray associated with that feeder and remove any jammed paper. TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Installation Problems Inoperative Printer If you have problems turning on the printer, check the possible causes listed in the table below.

Tallygenicom laser printer user guiden pages.

Tally Intelliprint ML Mono Printer Consumables

Blank page The sealing tape of the toner Pull out the sealing tape. By using this site, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Use the following procedure to enter the PCL menu: Status Menu TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Status Menu Status Menu In addition to the main menus listed above, the printer also provides a status menu that allows you to view the current settings for the input and output trays and the toner cartridge.

Clearing An E4 Jam TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Paper Jams Insert the pegs on the sides of the toner cartridge into the channels on the inside of the printer, and push the cartridge into the intwlliprint. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in intellipgint residential installation. Pull the metal stopper plate down. Safety Precautions This printer is available in either of the following power specifications: Clearing an E7 Paper Jam When an E7 error message is shown on the display screen, there is a paper jam in the duplexer.


In the event of an item not being available via this service, we will endeavour to contact you at the earliest opportunity. Page TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Maintaining the Sheet Feeder Remove the paper tray of the feeder that you intend to clean and set it on a flat level surface.

Make sure the tabs are toward the right side of the printer.

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The TallyGenicom home page is at http: Troubleshooting Troubleshooting In this Chapter. This chapter also con- tains information about moving and storing the printer.

Remove the screws that secure the fuser to the printer. Space Requirements TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Printer Location Requirements Space Requirements A certain amount of space is required for proper operation of the printer and also for performing printer maintenance and replacing consumables.

View all Multifunction Printers brother multifunction printers. Position the paper stack so the surface to be printed faces up. Push the envelope feeder all the way into the printer until it stops, making sure it is seated firmly inside the printer.

Click the OKAY button until you exit out of the driver menu. Contaminating the BTR will cause deletions on the printed page. Print Media Weight, Type, And Size TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Loading Print Media Store reams of paper in an area away from both direct sunlight and high humidity Open sealed reams only when you are ready to load the paper into the paper tray, and always close and seal partial reams of paper. Maintaining the Printer In this Chapter.


Tally Intelliprint ML260 Mono Printer Consumables

TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Navigating the Control Panel Menus The following figure shows the sequence of pushbuttons and display messages that would allow you to change the number of copies printed. Use the following procedure to enter the Quality Menu: Align the holes on the bottom of the printer with the pegs on the paper feeder, and lower the printer onto the paper feeder. Page TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Maintaining the Sheet Feeder Push the new feed roll and nudger roll onto their shafts until the retaining tabs click into place.

About the Duplexer The duplexer is a customer-installed optional device that enables automatic printing on both sides of a sheet of paper. Slide the cover towards the rear of the printer and then downwards to remove it.

Areas such as the Scottish Highlands or where a body of water is crossed are subject to a working day delivery time. Enter text ijtelliprint picture: Close the retard roll cover.