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At the far end is a switch which allows the user to select between single shot AF or continuous AF. Yes, Point 2 View works with both Windows and Macintosh. What it lacks in features, it makes up for in good optical quality, a articulating stand, and supreme close-up autofocus capabilities for live video or presentation. If you want to bring Point 2 View into focus manually, please press the Focus button. Because you are tethered by the USB cable, you are very limited in what you can photograph or where you photograph.

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Does P2V work on Chromebook? Unfortunately, the only reason you might want to hold the P2V in this manner is to take a quick snapshot of something on or around your desk. Higher resolutions use more CPU power, and older computers may struggle to keep up with multiple applications. With Presenter for Mac V3. System information can be acquired using the methods below:.

Here are the system requirements:. Please lower the resolution using the Resolution tab.

IPEVO | Design for Learning

For the power-user, none of these features might be desirable in a web conferencing USB camera, because they would already be handled in other ways, however the lack of a built-in microphone means one has to find another option, provided the microphone that ships built-in to many laptops is rather poor at noise cancellation.

Here you can see the mirrored image Skype provides as its ipevoo feed and the P2V cam, with its bright lens, autofocus capability, and articulating stand makes an excellent webcam. Included in the box is a little spring loaded clip mechanism that smartly allows the camera to clip to the top of most flat panel monitors, or even laptop screen bezels. The USB document camera makes a webcam desirable again.


Send us p2vv question. If the limitations of built-in cameras bother you, then the P2V is worth a look. The camera itself is a barrel-shaped implement about 3. You do not need to install a driver to use Point 2 View as a generic webcam.

Point 2 View outputs video images up to resolution of xwhich meets the technical specifications supported by major video-calling software such as Skype.

The only Point 2 View settings you can change while using a third party software is the AutoFocus setting Single or Continuous using the AF button located on the camera’s head. Softwqre would be useful in a presentation application where the image is being shown to an audience as the subject of a presentation.

For macro shots handheld, it was not uncommon to wait 5 seconds for focus-lock. Above is a screen shot of the P2V application, focussed on the ubiquitous Coke can.

One to three seconds later, focus lock is achieved and you can press the shutter button. If the computer still asks for doftware driver, and you cannot see the live image of P2V in Presenter or Skype, then it’s probably a case of hardware failure.

Ippevo adjust the Mirror or Horizontal Flip settings in the third-party application you are using. Some applications flip the video horizontally by default. Green means the P2V is plugged into a USB port and getting sufficient power, and red means the camera is on and the image sensor is sending video data.


Those looking to capture video or create wacky effects can use Photo Booth on ipevvo Mac and substitute the P2V cam in place of the built-in iSight. You’re awesome for doing it! The bottom ipeco the P2V contains a receptacle for the stand mount, and thoughtfully the receptacle itself rotates in place, allowing the camera to be turned while the stand remains stationary.

Being detached from the screen is a real benefit for getting the ipevk eye-level for more realistic and flattering camera angles.

Captured images can be viewed from within the P2V app, or from any other image editor pointed to the path where the images are stored. Yes, Point 2 View works with both Windows and Macintosh. Please contact our customer support at cs ipevo.

IPEVO P2V Camera Review

Please remember to select one with thickness ipdvo or greater than the original P2V cord and no longer than 1 meter in length. Lacking a built-in microphone, video capture capabilities, and with really slow autofocus this product really should be thought of as a higher-end camera for IM applications with bonus features for live presentation.

If you want to bring Point 2 View into focus manually, please press the Focus button.