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Jaspersoft Studio always uses the specified name to refer to this connection. After you download a driver to your file system, you can return to the Select Driver dialog. To update a driver that has already been installed, select it from the list, then click Edit Driver. When you next run a buildomatic command, such as deploy-webapp-pro, the jdbc3 driver will be copied to your application server. In JasperReports Server 6. Right click the GlobalPropertiesList resource and select Edit from the context menu.

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That page has links to the most commonly used JDBC drivers.

To enable connections from the installation machine to the remote PostgreSQL server: To update a driver that has already been installed, select it from the list, then click Edit Driver. I think this is the problem.

Post as a guest Name. The installer cannot handle special characters at the end of a password string. Click Upload to install the driver and make it available immediately.

Ireport – JasperServer: PostgreSQL error (Driver) – Stack Overflow

After you download a driver to your file system, you can return to the Select Driver dialog. The PostgreSQL driver jar should go into the lib directory of your application server.


On JBoss, drivers that have not been installed do not appear in the list below, and you must configure and restart Postresql to add a driver.

You can replace any driver that you upload with newer versions of the same driver.

You can now use this driver to create a data source, and the driver will be installed when other administrators create data sources. More detailed instructions are available here.

When the installation procedure is executed only the default driver jar is copied to your application server. Products Solutions Services Resources. Once the JDBC driver has been downloaded or collected, it can be copied to the location where the JasperReports Server installation expects the Jar file to be.

You have two options:. If this is the case, then it can be very convenient to collect a copy of that driver jar and copy it to the JasperReports Server install location.

Password of the database administrative user: An fairly easy way to test connectivity from the server to that database location with a particular user is posstgresql use a tool such as SquirrelSQL or another DB query tool to connect to the database from the same host as JasperServer. In some cases, this can cause problems when trying to test and save data adapters. The page refreshes to show the fields necessary for a JDBC data source. Now when I upload it to the jasperServer I get the following error:.


As of JasperReports Server v5. If the password is empty, it is better if you specify that it be saved.

Creating and Using Database JDBC Connections | Jaspersoft Community

hasperserver To add a JDBC driver: If this situation happens, the logs when setup the way described above will show that the server name is passed as the username. The following table summarizes the parameters set during the installation of an existing PostgreSQL: To Stop JasperReports Server:. When creating Database users, you must ensure that the user has the appropriate permissions to your database as well as from the server that JasperServer is running on.

The content of this article is still relevant for JasperReports Server v5. The exact cause of the error can be deduced by the stack trace available in the exception dialog box. To update a JDBC driver: For more info, see: HiveDriver Drivers for other databases can be downloaded from links on the Jaspersoft community website: