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Note that starting from CXF 2. I am the maintainer of the project. Getting a Reader or InputStream from an OutputStream or a Writer which would also cover the “conversion” I spoke of above , can be done in a number of ways, although for best results and “infinite” input sizes multithreading is involved. In both cases, a ‘supportUnwrapped’ boolean property also has to be set. XML Catalogs can be used for the main schema which is used to validate the data to get the imported or included schema resources resolved locally.

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Jettisln can change the namespace URI, namespace tag, and collection element name by using the org. Therefore it is possible to drop this root by initializing the internally used JsonWriter in a different mode. String cannot be cast to org.

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This annotation specifies what media types the processor can be used with. To use this integration with Jettision you need to import the resteasy-jettison-provider Maven module. Blaise Doughan March 14, at Jettison has two mapping formats. All you have to do is to initialize XStream object with an appropriate driver and you are ready to serialize your objects to and from JSON. Solutions are described in this article in Ostermiller.

XStream – JSON Tutorial

You must provide a Produces annotation to specify the media type the context is meant for. This header could also have been put on the Thing class to get the same result. Note that starting from CXF 2.


Which version of JBoss are you using? Typically one would delegate to a super class first and then wrap the returned writer in a custom writer, see CustomXmlStreamWriter for an example. Notice that the XmlAttribute “title” is prefixed with the ‘ ‘ character.

Also, on a different note, I’ve learnt a lot from the useful examples in your blog. Anonymous June 27, at 9: Individual marshal properties can be injected as simple properties. Anonymous February 15, at 1: By default, a JAXB implementation will create a class called Xmml and is located in the same package as the target class.

I have added an example that demonstrates how to use Jettison when there are namespaces in the JAXB mappings: There’s also a ‘collectionWrapperMap’ property available for use in more advanced cases, when collections of different types are used, for example, when mixed collections of objects descended from abstract classes having no XmlRootElement tags are returned:.

JSON Tutorial

The name of the expected callback parameter can be customized. One issue which one may need to be aware of it is that an exception may occur during the JAXB serialization process, after some content has already been processed and written to the output stream. Here’s an example of accessing the book in Javascript:. The default JAXB provider can be configured in a number of ways. For example, given the following two class definitions: Is there any way to produce an json output like this from the above example using jettison mapped convention: For example, given Base and Derived classes, returning an instance of Derived class, with Base one being a method response type, would produce an additional xsi: The difference is that in this case users have no explicit dependencies in their code on Atom-aware libraries such as Abdera – it may make it easier to experiment with various Atom libraries.


Blaise Doughan May 25, at 2: WrappedMap annotation on a parameter or method. For example, here’s how to set up namespace-to-prefix mappings: This is the most advanced option in that it lets users build Feeds or Entries in the way which suits most.

JSON is made for an easy data transfer between systems and languages. This provider jetttison basic marhaling and and unmarshalling of custom JAXB entities.