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The ABS balancing system is hardly new anymore. Yes Can read Digital Audio Discs: Thanks for the info, arman Even the box that the came in is virtually identical to the and still has all of the awards for CloneCD capability on the box. I rebooted and it was OK and everything was still enabled so I tried it again.

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Lite-On 166S DVD-ROM & Princo DVD-R media.

166s The new disk was the same just bigger so I used the old one as my slave in case it ever barfed I’d have a complete OS with most of my stuff intact, just out of date. The following page has some useful information: The other thing that can be heard is a faint beeping like sound when the head moves; not much bother though.

Of course it takes 2 days for the RMA, 3 days shipping, 7 days turn around so I said the heck with it and purchased a S and will sell the when the replacement arrives. Luckily my Sony a seems to rip it just fine so go figure?!

JLMS DVD-ROM LTDS ATA Device Drivers Download for Free | Driver Talent

I was able to undelete most of it but a lot of the windows features are now empty in their shortcuts. I don’t know how it got out of DMA mode, I don’t know why it now refuses to rip things it did before.


Only bad thing is I’ll have to waste time redoing it from scratch and adding all my stuff again. I haven’t tried that disk since I first got the new DVD with the original firmware on it so I didn’t know anything had changed. Sat Dec 29, 5: Overall I would 166e recommend this drive: CloneCD does not use this information!

SPCR • View topic – Quiet DVD-Rom: LiteOn LTDs (or JLMS XJ-HDS)

But hey, what’s in a name? Either it wasn’t what was on their suposedly official site or something nasty piggy backed on and did it’s work before I killed 1666s proccess.

Yes Digital Audio Data is accurate: Users browsing this forum: I’m using a LTRW to make all of my images instead of the jlma I don’t want any more coasters. I think it was some kind of script exploit, It destroyed my antivirus, erased the boot INI, started to erase all my shortcuts and had me locked out of my documents folder, at least part of it.

NET Advanced Edition 2. You’re now in a position to enlight us further – I for one, would appreciate a j,ms from you after a couple of weeks Cheers. I just decided to check it again after reading this and I noticed mine doesn’t anymore so far, could even be the version of XP I’m running I spose. Or are you saying that the has joms noisier ABS than the ? I have enough problems this week I keep 5 drive in here so a lot of stuff is compartmentalised, helps cut down on losing everything when something crashes.


It wouldn’t change the drive a bit Greetings, I searched for an answer but didn’t really come up with anything so here it goes.

Yes Supports Buffer Underrun Protection: My drive is back at PIO mode again also However, its new ABS system with the ball bearings is jlme annoying because it makes it sound like something is scratching the CD when it spins up and when it spins down.

Thanks for the info, arman Yes Can read MultiSession Discs: Too bad they take away functionality while making improvements.

Take a look at my review. I think any info here is good, people here try their best to give help or veiwpoints that might apply or like that. Page 1 of 1. I rebooted and it was OK and everything was still enabled so I tried it again.

I think it’s all still there just no shortcuts anymore.