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Quote In any case, the main alternative, USB, is also serial, so i didn’t quite get your point. Hammond vibrato time change Leslie speed from low to high is excellent plus and line outs backside also. Contains updated style convert modules including Yamaha and 5 new styles. Originally Posted by lance On headphone it sounds great, on full volume as well as you don’t get to hear this. The True Pedal Action enables the progressive resonance on pedal down when you press a chord and press the pedal afterwards. Next you need a MIDI sequenzer or score writing software, f.

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So many sounds, most of them pretty decent. That’s a bigger issue than just having to pay up. Even though they have the ease of use touch screen, configurable soundslots of instruments, and good connectivity, the action is much noisier than Yamaha and Kawai to me.

They also require AC power, and as far as I know neither of them will work with USB keyboards that don’t have class compliant drivers. However this is what Casio bundles with it: I was quite disappointed with the pianos that came with Komplete 9 – really thin and lacking in dynamic range particularly in comparison to the pianos on my Yamaha S90ES.

Please extract the file directly to an seiral disk that has been formatted using a K How would you compare the action and playing noise of the ES to that of a Yamaha P? I was testing how much I have to release a key to get note sound again but it was really same or similar to ES I really love Kawai’s better actions, e. But when I mentioned “serial MIDI”, it always meant the DIN port instruments use to talk to each other and computers using the bps serial protocol in use since half a century ago much older than MIDI itself with optical isolation.


Alas, the Miracle has now given mido the ghost.

MIDIbox-to-COM Interface

Next you need a MIDI sequenzer or score writing software, f. Originally Posted by Charles Cohen.

What can I do? I’m sorry to read that you were dissatisfied with the instrument.

We provide it for free with every library serisl you buy, you don’t need to buy an expensive sampler to use our products. Now insert the disk into your KS, hold the F2 button and power on. Instrument stores are rare, and far apart.

Originally Posted by lance Does anyone know if the ES has two or three key sensors? My thinking is that the grease they apply to moving parts thins out or moves around, changing the feel and amount of noise. Kawai announces ES ultra-portable digital piano [ Re: No doubt FP has more features like configurable split point, dual mode etc.

K series|Products|Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In this case the main PCB board must be exchanged at your cost. We use a convolution reverb and mixi can adjust the dry and wet parts separately as well as choose from a large selection of high quality Impulse Responses. I needed a lightweight digital piano for my home studio, to use as a controller with software AND with my Nord keyboard via MIDI, and also to carry around to periodic gigs.


Hello Florian, Thank you posting the video. We added a kaai round robin feature for the users that need to play repetitive pieces.

Generally piano host ports are made for Flash drives. It’s really only touch feel that has nothing to do with sensors I guess. It was an ES, and I had high hopes from it.

Please Support Our Advertisers. Therefore, I believe Michael H is right: It may give you more rich piano sound but I didn’t feel it much. Contains information about the style libraries and Instructions for loading styles from the Style Library to your CP. If you lower the buffer or simply want to be light on CPU, then increase or lower this value. We use the iLok system to protect our products and you can choose to register your license to your computer or to an iLok dongle.