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I have set up both a linksys and a 2wire routers, both with 40bit keys and both on channel 11 so I can collect packets simutaniously. I put them in aircrack but not key is found. Follow the chain of version builds, it’s the 2 nothing, and to reiterate, why is this version suddenly not capitalize the MAC part, that all earlier versions have? You receive this error because you either don’t have a card that supports it, or you haven’t selected the right driver for your card. After half an hour I have IVs. It’s odd and slightly scary that this release isn’t mentioned anywhere on the Kismac webpage, but we’re all downloading it from this random link.

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Is it possible to capture 4-way handshakes with this chipset using Kismac? James Harris August 7, at 2: Anonymous July 23, at Thanks, that did help. Any idea why this is?


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Then comes the Encryption Anonymous February 19, at 4: February 16, at 7: I am using Snow Leopard Checkedand it is still going Why primagy it find the WEP key? Me March 7, at 6: It will NOT be published. When I tried to look where to download Xcode, it was like 4 gb!?

I think to have read something, but I don’t find it anymore! When in dense WIFI area, the same can happen when too many are on the same channel. Thanks in advance and keep the good work J. The Ultimate WiFi Stumbler.

Stephen Roberts February 29, at 1: No need of cracking anything I attempted to join an open network by selecting “Join Network” under the Network tab. I’m a silly newb so after I got the key I simply clicked on the wifi icon on my toolbar and entered in the 14 character wep key which failed to connect to the network. Nothing loads, just nothing. Anonymous July 11, at 8: Hey, got it up and running os x Contact me here for details: KisMAC is broken on intel, you need to search for and install a patched version.


Have you taken a look at the logs?

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Do I need to buy another card or something? Worked great for primar hack gonna try the wpa dictionary attack now The longest part is collecting the unique iv’s.

Arjun Mayilvaganan April 19, at 8: Re-injection is NOT instantaneous. Hi, i tried, and i recover Anonymous September 18, at 4: MidAutumn is supposed to have WPA2 encryption.

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Yes, you are correct. You have no primary injection driver chosen, please select one in the injectin dialog. Can’t see anything that says it collects handshakes for WPA encryption.