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Hanbit Pad , 7. The underlying graphics engine is not fantastic for 3D rendering, though it can be set to share between 8MB and MB of system memory. Kohjinsha SA1 shock-resist case solution. Poor battery life of Features of the Kohjinsha SA1 touchscreen edition Ultra Mobile PC At this time, LED-backlit screens tend to be found on high-end machines and offer brighter, more even lighting while reducing power consumption.

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The Geode LX processor is a low performance processor but capable of some surprising results and impressive energy efficiency. Besides the aforementioned Bluetooth, it can hook up with The touchpad is proportionate in size to the rest of the machine and surprisingly kohuinsha.

This disparity is due to the ridiculously large border around the SA1’s display.

Kohjinsha SA1F00A

Since this unit has Bluetooth built-in, we feel the unit should be paired with a wireless keyboard and mouse combo for any serious work. Supercharge your iPod Did you know your iPod can view documents, give directions, and even teach you French? Fortunately, audio from the earphone jack is much better. Do note that the unit gets very hot after extended use, so try and prop the unit up on a flat surface if it’s left on for long periods.


Anything longer than a short email or keying in Web addresses is strongly discouraged if you value your sanity. Slightly poor battery life of Dell Mini 10 hi-res display.

Kohjinsha SA1

Music is piped out from a pair of stereo speakers under the screen. The Kohjinsha has quite a number of dedicated controls, most of them used to replicate a mouse.

Games and Gaming Consoles Reviews: Cell phone accessories Reviews: The indicator lights show charging, battery, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi status. Kohjinsha SA1 shock-resist case solution. We tried Microsoft OfficeGIMP photo-editing software and several other productivity tools with acceptable performance. Instead of keys, the SA1 goes with a volume jog dial that can be clicked to mute the speakers. We did not really expect the auto-rotate function in the Everun, but having the option for a portrait view is a must for a tablet PC.

Battery life is in the hours range and WIFI performance is very good. Data Evolution ‘Cathena’ branded Kohjinsha.


Kohjinsha E8 launch news. Hence, users familiar with larger tablet PCs may miss functions such as right-clicking with the kohjinsga and the erasing feature. Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium7.

Weighing under 1kg, it needs just x mm of desk space and has a thickness of Not a big issue as we kohjunsha easily use a fingernail for cursor control.

Honestly, the output is barely serviceable for voice and not good enough for your music collection.

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Keyboard testing and size notes from Carrypad tests. First owner reviews and comments. SA1F00A Specifications, images and news.

See the review for more details. Ubiquio7.

Screen quality is good and the mouse pointer is very intuitive. The manufacturer claims an uptime of about 5 hours, so to test the battery life we ran a range of videos from MPEG-1 to DivX.