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Let’s have a look at how our protagonists got on when set to calculate Pi to 10 million places. Results 1 to 14 of Let’s have a look at xx32 Quality, a resolution that has some real-life meaning. Pooh, that website has gone down. Fixed my yellow question mark. The greater memory throughput available allows the Athlon to truly flex its muscles in this test. Also when I rebooted it yesterday I got a continuous beeping after the win 98 page came up.

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VIA KT333 Motherboard Roundup – June 2002

The “Life Bios” function is quite interesting – updates are automatically made via Internet. The Quickest, Plus Crashes Page Windows XP installed without incident.

The difference from synchronous to asynchronous modes is around marks, although only a nominal 1. No gaming review would be complete without visiting our old favourite, Quake 3. AMD have been having a rather good time of late. I spoke with MSI tech support and they say they don’t have them for sale. SiSoft Sandra Benchmarks: Being multiplier-locked, we ktt3 to raising the FSB one Mhz per time.

Benchmarks Under Windows The black borders are cropped to save unnecessary encoding time.


MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU & USB Drivers

The board is essentially jumper-free with only the ubiquitous clear CMOS jumper making an appearance behind the third fan header. Again, at first glance, the official support for DDR seems a shade academic. We wouldn’t recommend running RAID 0 for important data as there is no redundancy. Features Table, Continued Page 8: Ulrra, however, we were upgrading from an older Socket A platform, we would see no sense in buying a KTA based motherboard.

As the Athlon matured, so did Via’s chipsets.

Do I ulfra a special bracket for this board and where can I get it? The inclusion of a number of performance-enhancing options seems not to have impacted on MSI’s stability. The silver North bridge fan adds an element of class to the package.

Unfortunately, at the time of testing, we didn’t have access to bluetooth devices to verify just how well it works. Also when I rebooted it yesterday I got a continuous beeping after the win 98 page came up. It’s always reassuring and confidence inducing to see a motherboard boot-up first time.

One detraction is that the bluetooth connection is shared with one of the USB 2. The impressive overclocking ulttra coupled with our new XP processor from AMD ensured that we would be furnished with a reasonable overclock.


As soon as you open the rather heavy motherboard box, you just know that a considerable amount of thought has been put into jt3 board and package. We’re using Xmpeg 2. Joined Mar Posts Let’s have a look at the board and its specification. The chipset is capable of 5.

Fixed my yellow question mark. We’re seeing a continuing trend here, one that shows that running asynchronously offers a small benefit.

KT3 Ultra 2 and USB

In today’s homogenous world, it makes a pleasing and refreshing change to see a manufacturer put some thought into the way their product looks. Via, the giant Taiwanese chipset maker, were there at the beginning of the Athlon’s life-cycle with the KX In that case yes. In us eyes, the best has just got slightly better.