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Many manufacturers reserve purposely a safety factor of image enhancement and this enables to improve visually the quality of an image with no change of component parts. The MP3 player is possible both by pressing the button and in the menu. Video sample telling about back cover backlash, listen to characteristic cover cracks AVI, 2. The restriction of melodies accessible as ring tones does not permit assigning personal melodies to a large amount of entries of the phone book. A service indicator is inserted into the button and twinkles with dazzling white.

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Calculator, unit converter, currency convector, and world time function are quite usual. The switch to a new controller within one matrix also involves more image sharpness.

But we would not talk about single hues on LG G screen. Themes hide mere colour decoration of the menu. For instance, the player runs in standby mode and you may use other functions. Unfortunately, these melodies are restricted to 5. In the settings you should choose the memory which is allocated to hold messages by default.

Review GSM phone LG G

The model is produced in the gl form factor and the dimension 99x45x17 mm of the device is quite nice as it fits easily both jeans and shirt pocket. The quality of the coating and the silvery dye is low and completely beneath criticism. The possible of such work is selected in the menu. If both these constituents functions correctly, we should see what actually it allows us.


There is an image and ring tone choice for a group. Full charge takes a little more an hour and half.

Review GSM phone LG G1800

The handset has a message counter that is quite uncommon. Still you could not assign a melody to messages, but there are only 8 preinstalled melodies. The device has 10 templates preinstalled. Video telling about the keypad backlash avi, 3. Impressions The volume of polyphony alarm is modest and, as for the preinstalled melodies, the sounds at average level.

The functions of the file manger are quite simple and have no special features. A shortcut number navigation operates with a number sequence, still it is partially realised. The MP3 player is possible both by pressing the button and in the menu.

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A service indicator is inserted into the button and twinkles with dazzling white. On the other hand, the screen is good for its class as being average in characteristics.

And this implies all the keys’ backlash: Operating a flash memory would satisfy almost all as everything is entirely clear. LG G is obviously an example of the world division of labour and companies’ specialisation in different fields.


They are race, snake, and helicopter. Still you gl make sure with listening to sample melodies in the end of the review. And where is a deception hidden? On the whole, considering a little number of functions, calling gl does not pose problems and, the main thing, the MP3 player has its determined button. According to the manufacturer, the accumulator provides 3 hours in talk mode and up to hours in standby mode.

Operating MMS messages presents no difficulty and everything is rather customary.

LG G1800 pictures

The switch from 65K to K entails a development of colour transition and the picture gets smoother. The back covering has a small backlash and hides a Li-Ion battery of the capacity of mAh.

The model has a wap browser of 1. Also the number of showing colours is to be y1800 as a statement of the same kind.