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Which brings us to our test model. Status LEDs, lid lock. HP offers three battery options for the Elitebook p. The on-screen indicators which appear depending on which button you pressed are nicely done. However it is not really up to the task of handling demanding graphical applications. Please share our article, every link counts! Headphones, microphone, Card Reader:

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The matt display prevents disruptive reflections, and its brightness is such that screen contents are clearly readable even in particularly bright lighting conditions. Interestingly the fan is deactivated as soon as you remove the power cable in idle mode.

Fujitsu LifeBook P8020 Review

The palso All other significant functions can be reached via combinations with the Fn button. The plastic finish is textured just enough to make lfebook it easy and holds up very well against abrasion. A variety of methods have been employed to enhance product life, to ensure the long-term availability of your data.

System noise The noise from the fan is ever-present even when the laptop is in idle mode. However it is not really up to the task of handling demanding graphical applications. With the ultralow voltage Intel Core 2 Duo U processor the P barely draws any power under load or idle, reducing the amount of effort needed to cool the notebook. Information about the type of screen finish used cannot be gleaned from the German version of the manufacturer’s website, once again.

Serviceable, though not brilliant, battery life with the six-cell battery. This feature 2530 been on Fujitsu notebooks for as long as I can remember and essentially keeps your bare legs comfortable if the notebook is on your lap.


These so-called ‘business rugged’ laptops offer a particularly robust chassis, a spill-resistant keyboard, a durable battery and a hard drive which is shock-resistant to a degree. The exceptions to this are the USB port which is positioned in the middle of the right-hand side, and the 3.

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This makes for a slimmer overall design and reduces emissions. Smaller business notebooks have always been lacking in the speaker category and some notebooks like the Lenovo X only have a mono speaker! The surface has a matte finish which is easy to glide your fingers across, even if they are sweaty.

But all models currently offered in the US come with anti-glare screens; our test model, at any rate, has a matt, anti-reflective surfacein keeping with its function as a business machine, and in accordance with display screen employment regulations in Germany.

The display cover flexes inward with mild pressure, as it is very thin with minimal bracing. As it stands, the price could be less given the configuration and it would probably attract more buyers who are considering a small business notebook— especially now that the netbook format is stealing some of those roles.

The WiFi button allows you to easily activate and deactivate all integrated and configured wireless modules. HP has also given some thought to data protection, equipping even the smallest lifebool the Elitebooks with security features which have been tried and tested in its other models.

But the horizontal viewing angles are much more generous, and much wider viewing angles are possible thanks to the matt display. The Fujitsu business notebooks have always had a special place in my heart with their basic matte black body and glossy black metallic display cover. The Presentation button opens a window through which you can configure and start up your most frequently used presentations, data, webpages or programs.


Another odd feature was a coasting option, which let lifebok fling the mouse around the screen. Performance was under other business notebooks which used better performing processors, such as the HP p with the Intel SL 1. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Under a constant and heavy processing load, the fan speeds up and ilfebook a lifeobok noise level of The relevant SIM card slot can be found in the battery compartment.

SIM card slot for lifbeook modem The Elitebook p meets all the demands of business users looking for a compact and mobile notebook. This saves the user, for the most part, from having annoying cables in their workspace to the right and left of the laptop.

The mouse substitutes are also satisfactory, with both the touchpad and the Trackpoint stick allowing you to steer the cursor accurately. HP has obviously thought very carefully about the layout of the portsand has settled on a practical arrangement. Starting from the left: Learn more about the smallest notebook in this range, the ultra-mobile p, in the following review.