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Someone pitty me and put me out of my misery. Operating System s Windows System: USB Port 5 Status: Silly as it might sound, most of my experience is with homebuilts with 3rd party mobos Asus, MSI, and Shuttle. Modify F12 Hot key function for password always check. I can help u out with all the firmwares for this drive , let me know if you need any. Following are my system stats.

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Logical Storage Devices 1.

USB Controller 4 Model: It is bae on RC2. PR estimated Cores per Processor: I was merely giving you suggestions and tried to help you out.

– “не обнаруживается Uli Fast Ethernet” (8)

Join the community hereit only takes a minute. It would be helpful if you posted it because it would be easier conrtoller help you out.

Hvordan kan jeg sjekke om jeg har usb 2. Ask a question and give support. Empty Chipset 1 Model: USB Controller 2 Model: Normal Automatic Update Active Service: Looks like all my bitching and moaning has paid off.


Revision to RF4 5.

Edit-I serecall finding an article in the MS KB 2 years ago when I was having a similar problem, which led to useful results that lasted until the next time I had to reinstall windows. It is currently the Master drive with the Nec drive as slave on secondary IDE port, and yes I did try it with no other drive installed to no avail. In the last 2 weeks I have tried everything, including software and hardware trouble shooting to no avail. Award Software International, Inc. I was even going to try and format the HD completely with Dban or something along those lines in order to have a completely fresh drive but i didnt want to do that and still not be able to install XP on the HD cause then i would have a useless HD haha.

Is it a newer version of 3DMark?

IDE??? huh??

Okay, I checked and Windows Update has no hardware updates at all. Plug and Play-skjerm Adapter: You could also try forcing Windows to redetect the drives: Upgrading the memory may be difficult or expensive.

Aktiver javascript for at alle funksjoner skal fungere optimalt. Is is supposed to be like this or am i missing something?


You still have IDE in the system, with your optical drives. Reversion to RG4 M I used to have the same problem with a particular set of ports.

First International Computer, Inc. The bottom line is, the firmware update did something to render my drive unusable with cd media.

USB 2.0 blitt til usb 1.1

I have been using it. There was a marketing kerfluffle that surrounded that mess.

No Slave Device Enabled: Silly as it might sound, most of my experience is with homebuilts with 3rd party mobos Asus, MSI, and Shuttle. The PC conttoller a Delland will be exactly three years old in October. I’m running linux now, Kubuntu specifically, for other reasons than problems with USB ports and the ports work just fine at full USB 2 speeds.