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If the ohms are different, the crossover point changes. From a picture you have it looks like it. Do you already have an account? PR Audio , Aug 8, You need to port using 2 each 1″ diameter ports, have to confirm length.

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Play the M6N by itself and check if you notice anything in the sound. Extra acoustical stuffing might be in order too.

Wrong tweeter for that woofer Not as good as my Klipsch KG 1. Not really wanting aidio build a new box. PR AudioAug 7, If the new woofers are really different from the originals you might have to try akdio or less or different damping material.

The optimum Sealed Volume for that driver is 0. I’d put it in a 0. I’ll listen more after I get the kids to nap and try to describe it better.

aaudio What would be a more suitable driver the enclosure? No, create an account now. It could do well in a box twice the size with a port, but that doesn’t help you unless you want to build a new box. Not sure how to describe it.


So I had some AR – TSWs sitting around one had a disintegrated surround and the other was just plain missing the woofer. I have some Coral BX cabinets – those have 8″ drivers but a larger cab. You could try taking up the extra volume with high density foam styrofoam and akdio if that helps. JediAug 7, SO instead of trying to go back to stock – I thought I’d try woofer replacement.

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It SEEMED like a good idea……

Or, you might decide to add a suitable port to work with a given driver. It is not an ideal woofer for sealed. Did you get the polarity right when you hooked the leads to the woofer?

Sounds like they might make good satellites to use with a sub and you’ll need a sub with them if you like bass otherwise you’re missing that last octave. You really need to do this by the math. Those woofers look like they could use a “break in period” to loosen them up with the bass tone control turned up all the way but volume levels kept reasonable.


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Or should I just snag the drivers and scrap this project? In a sealed box you’ll need a sub to ever be happy with it. Actually, way too many variables. Download some free box design software, measure your existing box, then start entering driver parameters. That’s a pretty small box. What’s the inside dims of the enclosure? Is your enclosure stuffed?