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For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. What will you power the subs with? Typically the best alignment to aim for is one that provides a smooth response in the passband, a lower cutoff frequency and good power handling. In the simulation, it’s currently set to 1cm, which is not very practical or achievable. The driver can easily soak up all the power that the small plate amplifier can deliver.

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What is the Xmax and power handling of the sub? With the rear porting, you have some flexibility to adjust the response by moving towards or away from a wall.

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The impedance sweep was generated using the Dayton Audio Woofer Tester 3. There’s a bit of a ripple to it, suggesting that the box is a little too big for the driver.

BB code is On. Mwa it out, run the port the width of the box across the bottom, up the back and across the top and see if you can get a However, what I want to obtain subwokfer a slightly smaller box with a resonance frequency of 42 Hz, not 48 Hz, as the resonance frequency of a ported subwoofer defines its lower cutoff point and for this particular design I want that to be 42 Hz.


To make the subwoofer more flexible, it houses a 70W plate amplifier, but can also be powered with an external amplifier.

The response is not sybwoofer flat as the previous iteration of the design, but the target resonance frequency has been obtained and the passband is smooth. Finished Subwoofer Enclosure and Plate Amplifier Photograph 07 shows the internals of the subwoofer enclosure.

Active power is supplied from a 70W Parts Express plate amplifier part No shipping, purchased locally.

MAW Home Subwoofer Project – Subwoofers / Speakers – SSA┬« Car Audio Forum

So let’s adjust it until the box is about 40 cm deep These can be reduced in level by lining the box with acoustic fiberfill. Enclosure assembly was completed using only glue and once dry all the internal joints were sealed with caulking. Rather maww use a pipe for the reflex port, the enclosure is vented using two square ports 1.

The change in the response curve is caused by reflections within the box. This should reduce the “ripple” For drivers with a higher Qts, box sizes tend to be larger, and the resonance frequency tends to be lower than the driver’s resonance frequency.

The image below shows what the response looks like if I lengthen the vent a bit. Photograph 06 shows the rear of the subwoofer enclosure after the plate amplifier has been installed.


See our banned email list here: One sub in 2 cu. The driver can easily soak up all the power that the small plate amplifier can deliver. I had an older one that I ran watts to for two weeks before it blew LOL. Help Designing a box for two MAW These are the specs and this is the picture of the currently finished box I am willing to remake another one or two separate boxes for each sub.


The port lengths are In the simulation, it’s currently set to 1cm, which is not very practical or achievable.

The following image is the Hornresp input screen for a ported subwoofer system, based on the Dayton Audio PA Almost any driver can be used in a ported enclosure system, however, only drivers which have a Qts value between 0. Prior to installing the driver, fiberglass insulation is stuffed loosely in the box to provide additional damping Photograph Ported Subwoofer Enclosure Construction. For a nice flush finish the driver is countersunk into the baffle as shown in Photograph Binding Posts and Switch for External Amplifier The subwoofer enclosure is finished with two coats of white sealing primer and two coats of an off-white cream.

Ported enclosures are also referred to as vented or bass reflex.