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If you can get access via wired it would be a good start. Devin Doucette doubled33d wrote on I noticed that turning raid on or off in the Nvidia raid configuration made no difference at all, and was not even recognized as a raid array by the installer. You state there is. As well, please note given that the information from the prior release is already available, doing this on a release prior to the development one would not be helpful. I logged in as root but the installer tells me I’m probably running an X Server that I should exit.

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Coringer, thanks for trying Keryx. Comment on this change optional. Right now I’m stuck in a fabulous loophole trying to install packages for keryx.

I want to root-install my NVidia drivers but I can’t. I simply can’t get an IP.

I didn’t Google that one, but you’re right that there’s a lot of information. It is all about normal partitioning, creating file systems and mounting and not about RAID. Did you create it?

Nvidia MCP55 Porting Notes

Or IP or whatever it is that keeps it from connecting. I followed all sorts of guides, always failing because was either supposed to use the “Networking” menu item that doesn’t exist in “my” Ubuntu, which is a bug since July or because there’s “no network configuration tool available” – although the gnome tool is installed. Also remind that all we are discussing now has nothing to do with bridbe fact that the disk is created from a RAID. Penalver penalvch wrote on When ready and if you have wired connection, check in “Hardware Driver” should be somewhere in System tab and see if a driver is available for your wireless.


OK, sorry for causing a thread to close where some people actually tried to help me out of days of frustration.

Bug # “Problems with graphic after closing fullscreen app” : Bugs : xorg package : Ubuntu

Processing triggers for libc Unfortunately I can’t help with the wireless problem since mine is an artheros chip and works with madiwifi, totally different thing from your situation. I noticed that turning raid on or off in the Nvidia raid configuration made no difference at all, and was not even recognized as a raid array by the vridge. Though my chip set appears to be slightly newer.

With other distros, such as Opensuse and Ubuntu, I have the same problem. Well no but that installer will fail without the build-essential package to build the driver, the build-essential package is a collection of programs that bdidge necessary to compile programs.

There are two SATA drives.

Setting up libcupsimage2 1. The entire systems frame rate seems to drop to a frame every few seconds.


nVidia PCI id database — envytools git documentation

I’ll try out right now! If I get help, I can’t follow it, because “my” Ubuntu seems to be different. I can move cursor however whole shell is little frozen.

Is that a brjdge problem or just on “my” Ubuntu? Thanks for the info. I think wifi is the problem to tackle first and foremost. Debian User Forums Skip to content. Download full text 3. First would be to get your internet connection up and running as you need Ubuntu to get the nvidia drivers. I’ve tried this of things. But something did’t work out, this is what I got: Setting up gnome-power-manager 2.

OK, as it looks I might get Keryx to run, so chanvces are growing: I read there’s some weird partitioning bridgr