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Will continue to run it tonight. Closing, but I can’t test of cource! I fully admit to being a noob to all this if so or if not so any ideas on where to go from here? It was on the boot dvd only. I have had some problems trying to put it to work, though. Zitat von Shiverio im Beitrag 2 Thanks again from Valencia!

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Tue Feb 21, 5: Bad floppy disks are the main reason for corrupted driver files. Once the OS is up, they can be reinserted. Once install it will not boot. For reference, lsmod will no longer be jcp67 reliable for checking modules in Jaunty and later since we’re now building a lot of modules into the kernel.

I have got mine working nicely at the moment. Most similar thing I could szta on kernel. Should I use Zephyroth. Here is the guide for the manual installation of the nForce Raidtool on the basis of a post from nForcersHQ forums member TheMaxx The next step is the preparation of the nForce textmode driver for the later integration.


Now, after doing upgrades back in Jaunty again, I’m about to reboot and try the newest kernel it just installed. I Must say that the copy of xp64 I have has built in integrated sata drivers and I suspect that this is the problem, they overwrite my textmode drivers sara with nLite. The reason mentioned above will be used.

As you certainly understand, I cannot overtake any warranty for the function and the quality of the drivers.

Burn, reboot -f, and install. The better alternative is the integration of the needed textmode drivers into a bootable OS Satz. Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: Define the content of the pm-notification here.

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Can anyone provide more insight on this issue with this laptop? This could make it easier to find and diagnose since more people will be affected by a bug in ahci so it might be possible to find more bugs with the same symptoms and driver.

Here is the way how to do it: Detailed RAID drivers integration guide: Unless that was a limit of the chroot, I don’t know. If not, download and install it. Please let us know your results if you are able to test. Ran dpkg straigth for 5 hours with 2.


Re: Nvidia MCP67 SATA controller

My first reaction to that is I’ve also tried attaching the harddrive to a different SATA port on my motherboard, didn’t help. Either they do not work at all example: I no longer have to carry the external with me just to use OSX. It has never happened on Intrepid, I also use the disk heavily from Windows and never seen any problems there.

Again all credit to JaS.

Zitat I suspect that this is the problem, they overwrite my textmode drivers inserted with nLite. I had to leave all 3 of the one kalyway selected to work.

Ran 7 hours more on ext3 with 2. Perhaps it didn’t upgrade or something because once I got back in using chroot, I had to run the apt-get fix command it recommends.