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I found this post while searching for info on using it with something other than Windows, so can’t help, but would be interested in any feedback, and will put anything I find out back here. Since Vista x64 is supported, it is highly likely that the driver itself would not require modification. Many thanks for your efforts. You can view our latest Privacy Statement here X. So, I went back to the original Laptop, uninstalled the device driver for the Medtronic device and deleted the Medtronic folder in C: Also, if you do not have “Windows 7 Home Premium bit OS, then the directory statements in the “windrvr6.

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CareLink Software

I got the Driver to install on my Windows7 RC box, however it still doesn’t work, I will keep playing with it, also going to medtrohic Win7 Cxrelink on Aug 6th to see if medrtonic is any difference. We have no support for windows 7. For some reason it works on my laptop but not on my desktop, any ideas what it could be?

We will not view, access, or alter anything that is not related to the Medtronic software, and the session can be broken off by you at any time, simply by closing the “GoToAssist” program.


You can view our latest Privacy Statement here X. Even though the device manager now shows the device and it is running properly, the “next” button on the program stays grayed out.

Frequently asked questions

Ironically, I had done this first, but I was not successful with getting the driver to load, then I dragged my knuckles across the street for awhile to come up with a plausible solution. Thursday, May 14, 3: Reducing complications Real-life stories What causes complications? With ALL web browsers closed, browse to the medtrpnic C: Hope you or someone else has an answer to this problem.

Usb ensures that blood sugar values read by PC.

I will try it as soon as possible when I’m back home. Locate either the Medtronic or Other device needing assistance in the device manager listing. Monday, October carepink, Follow this link for more information. Known working USB 2. Friday, November 13, 1: Crazy that they don’t support Windows 7.

CareLinkā„¢ software | Medtronic Diabetes – United Kingdom

It works just fine. I can not install usb Care Link from Medtronic. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. I have upgraded 2 laptops to Windows 7. Carelijk as answer by ntcrash Saturday, August 1, The transfer seemed a bit slow, but was without any errors.


Important notification prior to launching a remote session via GoToAssist.

I am having trouble getting this to install at the moment. Hope you are succesful.

Frequently uploading data has two advantages. I decided to try it on the other Isb which had never run the device before. The response from them was simple.

First, it takes less time for each upload to be completed because less data is being copied. I’ve forgotten my password. Friday, February 12, 3: Simply click on the ” Forgot your password? Please note, that when medtronoc encounter a failed installation, please convey the steps that you took, and the exact error message.