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Mike I have downloaded the branch as above but when i compile i get the following: Charlie, A quick thing that could be a problem are these messages: You need to make sure you strip out all of the stuff that isn’t on your host board. Pointer to network device. I have found a branch ‘mitydsp-linux-v3. Additional MAC address list size. The driver uses the proc system to allow users to configure the switch.

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Once that is done, at some point the kernel device framework comes along and starts matching devices to device driver code. Semaphore for proc accessing. Wake-on-LAN support used by ethtool. If you just need to enable it as a “dumb switch” i. The spanning tree state.

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The “master” branch is actually a 2. This is the same pin are GP0 15 your chip select line. The receive descriptor base. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


This file zwitch behave like a register map. Word data to write. I will presumably have to modify the kernel setup to achieve this.

Mike I am using mii-tool to test that mii interface. If I try to “git merge. You should be doing commands something like and forgive typos please: No such file or directory.

Hope this helps others. Used for KSZ power management. Since I e-mailed Tom, I have learned a good deal more about the various flavours of the kernel and now appreciate swktch of what features are available in the differnt versions.

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Spinlock to prevent hardware from accessing. I may ultimately give up and ask swktch to give me exact instructions but for now I would just like help in solving this problem I have modified the schematic which I have sent to you to correct a problem with the switch hardware config pins, SCONF0-SCONF2.

Temporary variable to store advertised settings. I would like to look at the version 3. I have added a couple of ‘printfk’ messages at the start but they do not get printed. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Indication of counters read in full or not. Hopfully, I have now sorted this out.


Used for MIB reading. Buffer to store the source port number.

net: Micrel KSZ8841/2 PCI Ethernet driver

The statistics set number. Charlie, A quick thing that could be a problem are these messages: I have download a new version of the kernel version 3. Pointer to parent, network device private structure.

Physical DMA address allocated. Ok Charlie, You need to do a little more work on your baseboard file.

It seemd to be recognised but i can’t ping anything.