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Ultimately, we could type fairly smoothly after a longer accommodation period, whereby a few extra key strokes couldn’t be completely prevented even then. These little flaws can simply be avoided with a stereo system, active boxes or good headphones, as aforementioned. If you can cope with these flaws, you’ll get a solid, compact and well-manufactured netbook at a fair price of about We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. The MSI U in black is for the traditionalists amongst you. A Western Digital 2.

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MSI Wind U160-023EU

The competition in the netbook sector is vast. The weak display brightness combined with the glare-type display gives the MSI Wind U a bit of a hard time working mobile in nature. Thus, the measurements range between The reproduced sound is sufficient, despite the small size, just like the device’s maximum volume.

The rates are all within a green field in view of the access and transfer rates. Our test device is the gold-brown Fancy Gold netbook, which ms quite evidently from the masses in its looks.

When you compare the benchmark rates, the Wind U isn’t much better or worse than current netbooks of other manufacturers that have been reviewed by us recently. The netbook would then be able to be used everywhere for accessing the internet via a fast 3.

The recommended retail price of You can only see something on the display with a lot of effort.


Review MSI Wind U Netbook – Reviews

The display is kept in place stably by two small hinges that teeter a bit. The Wind U from MSI has a 10 inch widescreen display with a reflective surface and screen size of Keyboard A further highlight of the Wind U is j160 keyboard. The measured temperatures on the upper side, that is wrist-rest and keyboard, are also alright under load, but the bottom smi of the small ten inch computing servant shows a different picture.

We would describe the typing feel as okay.

In return, the hard disk runs along with Although our test netbook is equipped with an Intel Atom N processor with a clock rate of 1. Thus, winc Wind U is definitely one of the most enduring netbooks, even if we couldn’t reach the 15 hours of permanent use stated by the manufacturer.

The fan’s noise increases to an average of We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. The Wind U is even well equipped in terms of communication hardware. Naturally, a UMTS version that has been announced but is not yet sold would be awesome.

Typing proved to need a bit of getting used to due to the minimized keys, though.

Aside from the fan characteristic, or rather fan control, the directly related temperature emissions supply reason for complaint. And adds a bit of fresh wind to the monotony of black, gray or even white.

The power button is also found gideo the hinge’s area and is placed quite well here.


MSI Wind UEU – External Reviews

As known, there is no accounting for taste. The MSI U in black is for the traditionalists amongst you. The power button is found on the right in the area of the hinges.

Memory operations per second.

Review MSI Wind U160 Netbook

After all, that is nine hours and 46 minutes of mobile independence before the MSI Wind U cries for the mains again. Opening and closing the 10 inch display is easy and doesn’t make any disturbing squeaking noises.

Whilst the established rates look very promising on both the MSI Wind U’s upper and vvideo side in an idle state, it unfortunately changes under continuous system load. The white lit MSI logo, decentered somewhat to the right on the display’s back, first really stands out in dimmed rooms.

Namely by the little MSI Wind U’s system noise and temperature emissions, which might be crucial for a purchase decision. The Wind U is provided with a Bluetooth module as another communication option. Vvideo any case, an external keyboard is recommendable for longer and serious work, as the built-in keyboard isn’t bad but can’t keep up with a reasonably good desktop keyboard, anyway.