It has long been believed that living by a river or any body of water has health benefits ranging from lowering blood pressure to improving sleep quality. If a homebuyer wants to find a home to be closer to a running river, Sonoma County is a good place to look.

the Russian River Region consists of a chain of towns along the Russian River from Forestville to the Jenner Estuary. Guerneville is the principal city of the Russian River region, west of Sonoma County, 24 km west of Santa Rosa and 112 km north of San Francisco. Rio Nido is its own community just east of Guerneville and just west of Korbel, and the area’s only public swimming pool is located there.

Forestville is closest to the river. The Northwood Golf Course area is 2-3 miles west of Guerneville and although technically Monte Rio these homes are as close to Guerneville as they are to the center of Monte Rio.

Duncans Mills is close to the ocean, and Cazadero is redwood forest, with a stream running through it year-round; in general, the most isolated houses are found here. Jenner is located 15 miles west of Guerneville, where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean, and has a coastal climate with frequent morning fog. Jenner is less than a five-minute drive from Goat Rock State Park Beach and 10 miles north of Bodega Bay.

What all of these towns have in common is easy access to the Russian River and homes that are generally within walking distance.

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